Day 136 8/27
Mile mark 2557.6-2580.2
Miners Creek to Stehekin

IMG_3338 IMG_3339Taking the bus from the trailhead into Stehekin. IMG_3340

A magical little spot. Apparently, the locals like hikers since we’re a break from the usual Seattle yuppies that come here, but they do refer to us as “the aromatics.” IMG_3341 IMG_3342

It was Strawberries birthday and we all ate cake from the Stehekin bakery in the afternoon. Blue Skies(pictured above) came in on a later bus and missed the initial cake eating. There was still some left, but it was put in the trash. A guy retrieved it and found it still in the box, so we thought it was still good. After taking a bite, the guy who retrieved the cake told blue Skies that he accidentally dropped it back in the trash while trying to pick it up and it collected some debris(bottle cap above).