Day 125 8/16
Mile mark 2303.0-2320.3
White Pass to Campsite North of Crag Lake

IMG_3286I always find it odd that PCT hikers get so mad at mountain bikes on trail, but horses do much more damage to trails(as seen above).

I didn’t take any more pictures as I was pretty out of it from being sick in White Pass. I had thought I was better, but that night I woke up and my stomach was killing me. I tossed and turned for awhile, and eventually sat up hoping that would make the pain stop. As soon as I sat up, my mouth filled with vomit and I had to quickly crawl out of my sleeping bag and tarp. I then crawled for a few feet on my hands and knees through the muddy campsite and puked my brains out for several minutes. I was camped alone and was 17 miles from town, making this a scary experience. Luckily, I felt fine in the morning.