Day 62 6/14
Mile mark 942.5-962.4
Tuolumne Meadows to Wilson Creek

20140622-220842-79722426.jpg 20140622-220841-79721999.jpg 20140622-220842-79722796.jpg 20140622-220843-79723248.jpg


  1. Bill Walker

    Hi Brendan, did you go through Devil’s Postpile? We will be birding there July 5. Hope all is well, your blog is awesome -Bill

    • xyrka

      Unfortunately I missed devils post pile. We were planning to take an alternate route so we could walk right through it, but we missed the turn off. It’s visible from the pct, but since we were going to walkthrough it I wasn’t even looking for it so I missed it altogether. If you’re hungry there’s a restaurant at reds meadow. It was good to me, but all town food tastes amazing right now.


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