Day 27 5/10
Zero at the Saufley’s

I’m wearing a loaner shirt with wolf and a dream catcher on it and sitting in a trailer home on a trail angels ranch in the middle of nowhere. Two guys are playing around on guitars and they’re both quite amazing. The music helps me digest the bag of cookies that I received from my Mom(thanks Mom!) that I’ve just devoured and washed down with a quart of whole milk.

Today I’m taking a zero(trail speak for rest day). I’ve arrived on a special day at this trail angels house because tonight is the trail angel’s son’s wedding reception. I originally thought we wouldn’t be able to stay here, but we’ve been told all the hikers are invited to the reception as we’re such a big part of their life.

The sun has gone down and I’m laying on my cot staring up at the stars reflecting on the evening. The party started with delicious appetizers, dinner, and open bar and wrapped up with some good old dancing. Dancing hurt the feet, but did wonders to loosen up my stiff legs. I’m amazed by the generosity of these people. Life on the trail is strange and wonderful.

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