Violin Linings

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Preparing the Linings The linings are 2mm thick strips of wood that support the inside of the ribs and give the violin more structure. The linings I used were made from the same willow as the blocks, but prepared much differently. The wood was in the rough, so first I had to square it up… Read more »

Bending and Gluing the Upper and Lower Ribs

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After all the blocks are shaped I bent the upper and lower ribs. My rib sections were long enough that I was able to use one piece for each section. They were bent in the same manner as the c-bout ribs. Here the ribs are clamped to test the fit. In final gluing and clamping… Read more »

Shaping the Remaining Blocks

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Now that the middle ribs are glued I can shape the remaining portions of the four middle blocks. To do this if first trimmed them with a chisel and then took them back to the drum sander. The top and bottom blocks also need to be cleaned up. To get in close to the line… Read more »

Bending and Gluing the C-Bout Ribs

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Bending To bend the ribs to match the mould I used another homemade contraption. All credit for the idea goes to Sam Harper. It is definitely not a beautiful machine but I already had a heat gun and the piping was around $15. First, I bend the c-bouts or middle ribs. Before bending I cut… Read more »

Sharpening a Scraper

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This was my first time using a card scraper and it was very troublesome to sharpen. I spent a number of hours trying different techniques, but the way that worked for me was first I lapped the front and back on my Veritas Power Sharpener just like a chisel. I then polished the edge on… Read more »

Preparing the Ribs

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I received some rib material with the top and back I purchased Orcas Island but after working with it for awhile I decided to try some different wood. The second set of ribs I ordered from Bruce Harvey Rocky Mountain Tonewood. This set was much easier to work with and started out trimmed down to… Read more »

The Blocks

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Next, I worked on the blocks which can be thought as the structural supports of the violin. For block wood I used willow from Orcas Island Tonewoods. Special consideration must be taken in cutting the blocks so the grain orientation is correct which makes shaping them later easier. In the end, I still don’t think… Read more »

The Mould

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To make the mould I used locator pins (drill bits) to hold the pattern in place on the mould while I traced the outline. First, one side was traced, then the pattern was flipped over and the pins were used again to trace the other side to make the whole violin outline. For mould material… Read more »

The Pattern

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The violin pattern I’ll be following comes from Henry Strobel’s Violin Making book. The pattern itself is based off of a violin made by Leandro Bisiach and it is of classic Italian (Stradivari) style. The first thing I did was take the pattern to a FedEx shop and made several copies in case I screwed… Read more »