Day 83 7/5
Mile mark 1353.9-1381.5
Warner Valley Campground to Subway Cave

20140710-135406-50046466.jpgSaying goodbye to my Dad and hitting the trail again with Salty.

20140710-135539-50139586.jpgSubway cave.

20140710-135613-50173195.jpgSalty’s dinner. Healthier and tastier than mine, but it looks vaguely like something I bury in a hole everyday.


Day 82 7/4
Mile mark 1353.9
Zero in Chester

20140710-133917-49157317.jpgThe epic Chester parade.

20140710-134027-49227197.jpgPops and Salty waiting for the fireworks.


20140710-134126-49286281.jpgNot to be out done, nature put on its own show.


Day 81 7/3
Mile mark 1331.3-1353.9
Soldier Creek to Warner Valley Campground
I didn’t get a picture, but I met up with my Dad and got some delicious treats. I also slack packed this part.

Sulfur pond. Was worried someone may have giardia when I first smelled it in the wind.


Day 80 7/2
Mile mark 1300.8-1331.3 (+2.1 for water)
Ridge to Soldier Creek

IMG_2994 IMG_2995 IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_3001

IMG_3003The half way monument. Not much a of a physical monument, but a monumental moment.

IMG_3005Salty and me procrastinating at the monument before hiking five more miles to finish off the day.



Day 79 7/1
Mile mark 1279.9-1300.8
Clear Creek Campsite to Ridge


IMG_2990Strange little resort bar we hung out at for a bit.

IMG_2991Watching the world cup game, before heading out in the 100 degree heat to climb 6,000ft.


Day 78 6/30
Mile mark 1250.9-1279.9
Middle Fork Feather River to Clear Creek Campsite

IMG_2983 IMG_2985


Day 77 6/29
Mile mark 1225.5-1250.9
Nelson Creek to Middle Fork Feather River

IMG_2977Amazing swimming hole at the end of a hot day.


Day 76 6/28
Mile mark 1197.5-1225.5
Sierra City to Nelson Creek




Day 75 6/27
Mile mark 1192.8-1197.5
Milton Creek to Sierra CityIMG_2967


IMG_2970I’ve become a giant, or this is a tiny shopping cart.



Day 74 6/26
Mile mark 1163.8-1192.8
Peter Grub Hut to Milton Creek
IMG_2953First logging I’ve seen on the PCT. There were ironically “Leave no trace camping” signs up in this area.

IMG_2955 IMG_2957 IMG_2960 IMG_2963 IMG_2964

IMG_2965Only flat ground left to camp.