Day 123 8/14
Mile mark 2283.4-2303.0
South of Knifes Edge to White Pass


The view from our campsite in the morning. The picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice.IMG_3261

Fog rolling down the hill. IMG_3267

Juicy and I sitting before we take a little side trip up to the top of this ridge(seen in the background). IMG_3272


The view from the top of the ridge. IMG_3278

Starting the knifes edge. The fog unfortunately covered up many of the views as we descended.IMG_3282


Day 122 8/13
Mile mark 2257.9-2283.4
Lava Springs to South of Knifes Edge

IMG_3241 IMG_3243 IMG_3246 IMG_3248 IMG_3251


Day 121 8/12
Mile mark 2230.0-2257.9
Steamboat Lake to Lava Springs



The day started out quite nice. IMG_3236

Then the rain, lighting, and hail started. Above a stream on the left and the trail(now a stream) on the right. In some places the accumulated hail was a few inches thick. IMG_3237

Even the little creeks were nearly overflowing. IMG_3283

The bigger creeks were even scarier to cross. The water in this creek was freezing and filled our shoes with sand. As we were crossing there was a sound like thunder, which was actually large rocks further upstream being carried downstream. This was the second coldest I’d been on trail and one of the worst days.


Day 120 8/11
Mile mark 2201.7-2230.0
Gully with Campsite to Steamboat Lake



Delicious huckleberries. IMG_3230

Hard to go fast when the trail is lined with berries on either side. IMG_3231

Grams stops for a snack break in the berries.IMG_3233


Day 119 8/10
Mile mark 2174.2-2201.7
Rock Creek to Gully with Campsite


No pictures for the day.


Day 118 8/9
Mile mark 2155.0-2174.2
Cascade Locks to Rock Creek

IMG_3216.JPGBreakfast before we roll out.

IMG_3218.JPGThe bridge to Washington.

IMG_3219.JPGDon’t drop anything!

IMG_3222.JPG IMG_3226.JPG


Day 117 8/8
Mile mark 2155.0
Zero in Cascade Locks

IMG_3213.JPGJuicy goes for the full hobo look while we do our resupply.


Day 116 8/7
Mile mark 6.5 on the Eagle Creek Alternate – 2155.0
Eagle Creek to Cascade Locks



Day 115 8/6
Mile mark 2117.1-2138.0 (6.5 on the Eagle Creek Alternate)
North of Sandy River to Eagle River

IMG_3199.JPG IMG_3200.JPG IMG_3203.JPG IMG_3207.JPG


Day 114 8/5
Mile mark 2092.8-2117.1
Seeping Spring to North of Sandy River


IMG_3191.JPGThe lunch buffet at Timberline lodge was great.

IMG_3192.JPGMt Hood in the background.