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I sit staring at my hands for the twentieth time while I try to summarize my experience on the Pacific Crest Trail. Each time I start reflecting and writing, my mind wanders off and gets lost in the other world that was my thru hike. Half of me doesn’t believe I ever really hiked the… Read more »

Day 125

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Day 125 8/16 Mile mark 2303.0-2320.3 White Pass to Campsite North of Crag Lake I always find it odd that PCT hikers get so mad at mountain bikes on trail, but horses do much more damage to trails(as seen above). I didn’t take any more pictures as I was pretty out of it from being… Read more »

Day 109 – Finished?

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Day 109 7/31 Mile mark 1980.8-2007.1 South of Minnie Scott Spring to Bend I wake up and for the fifth straight day, I don’t want to hike at all. I tell myself when I get to Bend I’m going to quit the PCT. I eventually start hiking and run into lots of other hikers who… Read more »

Day 91 – Stranger Danger

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Day 91 7/13 Mile mark 1575.0-1606.5 Above Upper Boulder Lake to Etna I’m stirred awake at 1:30am by the wind as it gusts into my bivy. I open my eyes and see clouds backlit by a full moon swirling overhead. At first, I think I’m in a twilight zone dream. I come to my senses… Read more »

Day 53 – Pass to Pass

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Day 53 6/5 Mile mark 815.8-833.3 South of Mather Pass to South of Muir Pass I wake to roll over and decide to check my watch. It’s 5:00am, so I pop my head out of my sleeping bag to see if anyone is moving yet. Outside, I’m again in awe of the view from our… Read more »

Day 38 – Running

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Day 38 5/21 Mile mark 641-663.9 South Mclevers Spring Road to Joshua Tree Spring It’s around noon and I’m flying down Walker pass. My fast pace is because I’ve heard Yogi, the author of the popular PCT guide book, is down at the bottom making pancakes and burgers. As I approach the bottom I don’t… Read more »

Day 36 – Twenty Nine Miles to Water

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Day 36 5/19 Mile mark 592.9-620 (+1.6 to water) near Hamper Williams Pass to Willow Spring It’s the early morning and I’m sitting at a spring discussing the water situation with some other hikers. This section has some of the longest waterless stretches causing me to often carry five to six liters of water(13lbs) on… Read more »

Day 27 – Reception

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Day 27 5/10 Zero at the Saufley’s I’m wearing a loaner shirt with wolf and a dream catcher on it and sitting in a trailer home on a trail angels ranch in the middle of nowhere. Two guys are playing around on guitars and they’re both quite amazing. The music helps me digest the bag… Read more »

Day 21 – A Walk in the Park

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Day 21 5/4 Mile mark 342-364.5 I15 to Guffy At El Cajon Pass the PCT comes the closest to a McDonalds on the entire trail. I can’t remember the last time I had McDonalds, but yesterday the short walk and promise of calories lured me in. Even one of the vegetarians I was with broke… Read more »

Day 19 – Where Not To Camp

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Day 19 5/2 Mile mark 307.8-328.5 Deep Creek Hot Springs to Cleghorn Picnic Area I’m sitting at a picnic area near a reservoir starting to make dinner. The last 20 miles went by slowly during the hottest day yet. There are several other hikers around and we’re all a bit out of it. Off in… Read more »