Headless SlimerJS with Firefox

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tl;dr Firefox Nightly on Linux supports running SlimerJS headlessly. More platforms and full headless Firefox are coming soon. Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked on a few big web projects like PDF.js and PluotSorbet where I’ve wanted a better way to run automated tests in Firefox. My usual workflow would either involve opening a… Read more »

Reversing the Mersenne Twister RNG Temper Function

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After learning that many lotteries now use software and hardware random number generators(RNG) and reading a story about Daniel Corriveau, I decided it would be fun to explore trying to figure the state of a RNG and predict values. One of the most commonly used RNG algorithms today is the Mersenee Twister(MT) algorithm. On the… Read more »

MySQL Error 1126

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ERROR 1126 (HY000): Can’t open shared library If you receive the error from MySQL while installing a plugin or a user defined function(UDF) there can be several causes: You mistyped your dll file name, double check the name MySQL can’t find the dll file in the plugin folder Run: mysql> show variables like ‘plugin_dir’; And… Read more »

Raw SQL Queries with NHibernate

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If you want to execute a native SQL query and don’t care about the result, just grab the ADO.NET database connection from the NHibernate session and use that to run the query. Here’s the code: // Get the NHibernate Session (this line will change depending how you do it) NHibernate.ISession session = SessionManager.GetInstance(); // Create… Read more »