ERROR 1126 (HY000): Can't open shared library

If you receive the error from MySQL while installing a plugin or a user defined function(UDF) there can be several causes:

  1. You mistyped your dll file name, double check the name
  2. MySQL can’t find the dll file in the plugin folder
    1. Run:
      mysql> show variables like 'plugin_dir';
    2. And make sure that path matches the path where your dll is stored.
  3. A dependent dll can’t be found
    1. Download Dependency Walker
    2. Open your dll on the machine you’re installing the plugin. It should tell you if there was a missing dependency

In my case it turned out the be #3.


Dependency walker said I was missing MSVCR90D.dll, which I learned from Stack Overflow is actually the debug build of MSVCR90 (Notice: the “D” on the end).  So I went back to Visual Studio Express 2008 and made sure my configuration was set to Release and rebuilt the build and copied it over and everything worked.


  1. Lapel Pin

    hey, your post truly helps, today i encounter the same problems, and i have no clue on how to solve the issue. luckily i research yahoo and found your post, it helps me get rid of my trouble. thanks once moreone thing, can i paste your entry on my blog? i will add the source and credit to your site.regards!

  2. Silvana

    your post helped me to find a problem wich i have since 2 days ago ! thank you very much !


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